THROW - Lil Mabu


"THROW" es una canción interpretada por Lil Mabu y DD Osama. 

Fecha de lanzamiento: 23 de Diciembre del año 2022. 

Lyrics THROW - Lil Mabu ft. DD Osama

I'm on the road-road-road

Always on go-go-go (Grrah, everything for Notti)

I'm feelin' low-low-low (You know what the fuck goin' on)

Pour a four-four-four (Grrah-grrah)

Yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah)

They had a special place in my heart, so I tried fixing them while they were breakin' me

I learned the hard way, but I don't do it no more thankfully

Turned to a beast when Notti died, I told 'em, "Wait and see"

I wasn't 'posed to make it this far, I'm talkin' racially, so this shit feels make believe

I wish lil' Notti woulda stuck with me in the streets

I ain't ever parked a V and I've been on the charts for weeks

I had a vision no one seen, not even my family (Not even my family)

Music is savin' me, but I know it could end fatally (Painfully)

So I keep that .40 on my side, ain't no one tamin' me (I'ma pray for me)

I wasn't perfect as a kid, but I still ate my greens

I started workin' in the crib while my friends were smokin' weed

I started doing good and got more enemies

I keep my face up off the net when I be in the streets

I know my boys got my back, but when it comes to totin' straps, hope they don't run when the bullets gotta handle me

Ah, every opp shot

Grrah, Mabu (Grrah)

Grrah, Mabu (Like)

Grrah, every opp shot, like

Grrah, gang-gang-gang, gang

Gang-gang-gang, like

Ayy, yo, Mabu, throw (Boom)

When we bend through the opps, get low

I said, "DD, we clutchin' the cane or the pole?"

Red light, green beam, hang out, throw

For lil' Notti, I'm flockin'

Catch a opp, put his life turn timeless

Totin' the .30, I ain't totin' a rocket (Brrt)

Ddot with me for the niggas that’s plottin', grrah

Dead opps all in my blunt

Bitch is a munch and she ate it for fun (On bro)

Bitch, I'm that nigga that do what I want

Bend that ass over and wine on my gun

Yeah, he died one time on the earth (Grrah), now he died two times (Times)

Put the beam to the blunt

I don't even smoke but feel him in my lungs

DD got left, Mabu got right (Right)

Just know I still smoke Rite (Damn, damn)

Like, grrah, grrah, just know I smoke Rite (Damn)

I ain't goin' out without a fight (Facts)

I got diamonds on me, shed the light (The light)

Your bitch callin' DD to get piped, while I'm callin DD for the pipe

And if brodie get stuck in a slammer (The slammer), Mabu gon' help beat the case (Facts)

I'm a lawyer, I always got answers (Answers), fuckin' bitches on the first date (Damn)

I got bitches on me, Alabama, I keep one in every other state (State)

Bitch, I feel I great

Damn, every opp shot, nigga

Suck my dick, like

Grrah-grrah, gang-gang-gang

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THROW lyrics


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