High Cost of Living - Jamey Johnson


"High Cost of Living" es una canción interpretada por Jamey Johnson, publicada en el álbum That Lonesome Song

Fecha de lanzamiento: 05 de agosto del año 2008. 

Lyrics High Cost of Living - Jamey Johnson

I was just a normal guy, life was just a nine to five

With bills and pressure, piled up to the sky

She never asked, she knew I'd been, hangin' with my wilder friends

Lookin' for some other way to fly

And three days straight was no big feat, could get by with no food or sleep

And crazy was becomin' my new norm

I'd pass out on the bedroom floor

And sleep right through the calm before the storm

My life was just an old routine, every day the same damn thing

I couldn't even tell I was alive

I tell you, the high cost of livin'

Ain't nothin' like the cost of livin' high

That Southern Baptist parkin' lot, was where I'd go to smoke my pot

An' sit there in my pickup truck and pray

Starin' at that giant cross, just reminded me that I was lost

And it just never seemed to point the way

As soon as Jesus turned his back, I'd find my way across the tracks

Lookin' just to score, another deal

With my back against that damn eightball

I didn't have to think or talk, or feel

My life was just an old routine, every day the same damn thing

I couldn't even tell I was alive

I tell you, the high cost of livin'

Ain't nothin' like the cost of livin' high

My whole life went through my head, layin' in that motel bed

Watchin' as the cops kicked in the door

I had a job and a piece of land, my sweet wife was my best friend

But I traded that for cocaine and a whore

With my newfound sobriety, I've got the time to sit and think

Of all the things I had, and threw away

This prison is much colder than

That one that I was locked up in just yesterday

My life is just an old routine, every day the same damn thing

Hell I can't even tell if I'm alive

I tell you, the high cost of livin'

Ain't nothin' like the cost of livin' high

I tell you, the high cost of livin'

It ain't nothin' like the cost of livin' high

(Just leave that stuff alone)

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High Cost of Living lyrics


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