Everything Almost - Madi Diaz


"Everything Almost" es una canción interpretada por Madi Diaz, publicada en el álbum Weird Faith

Fecha de lanzamiento: 16 de enero del año 2024. 

Lyrics Everything Almost - Madi Diaz

Is this something I can say I know?

Or is this me being painfully eternally hopeful?

Oh God, you have no idea what you're doing, but I do

On the 9th of May, I wrote it down

I found the journal when I was moving into your house

"Big love, big love"

Those were the words

It was gonna be big love

(It was gonna be big love)

Is it gonna be okay

If you keep some things just for you

And I keep some things just for me?

Is it okay if we give each other almost everything?


Everything almost


Everything almost

I had a dream there was a baby inside of me

One hand on my belly and the other one pointing

Ordering you around the house like a bitch

And you just laughing and taking it

And then I think about my parents

And what if they're not here to see it?

And I don't think that I could handle it

Don't wanna start believing it

So I completely avoid it

Is it gonna be okay if we really do this

Build a family, build a life?

Dad always used to say

That you can have everything

But not all at the same time

Everything almost (Everything almost)

Everything (Everything)

Everything (Almost, oh-oh)

Almost (Almost, oh-oh)

Almost (Ah)

Everything almost


Everything (Everything, everything)



And we've got it, baby

We've got it, everything (Ooh, baby)

We've got it, baby

We've got it, everything (Everything)


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Everything Almost lyrics


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