West Hollywood - MØ


"West Hollywood" es una canción interpretada por MØ, publicada en el álbum Forever Neverland

Fecha de lanzamiento: 19 de octubre del año 2018. 

Lyrics West Hollywood - MØ

I turn on the radio but there's nothing that I wanna hear

I just wanna drift away and listening to some old shit

Oh, lately I've been holding back every single tear

Now I just wanna turn it all the way up and get the fuck away from here

Oh, you know I love you

You know that I do (Know that I do)

And I know that I should stay

If I was braver I would

Yeah, but right now

All I wanna do is just

Call up my mom

And get my ass out of West Hollywood

Hollywood, yeah

Letra añadida por el usuario: Nilmey

West Hollywood lyrics


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West Hollywood

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