Taurus - Machine Gun Kelly


"​​Taurus" es una canción interpretada por Machine Gun Kelly y Naomi Wild. 

Fecha de lanzamiento: 25 de Noviembre del año 2022. 

Lyrics Taurus - Machine Gun Kelly ft. Naomi Wild

I seek you out, flay you alive

One more word and you won't survive

I didn't leave a letter on my desk saying goodbye

People think I left even though I'm still here

Pressure made its way through my chest to my heart

Like a spark does fireworks on the new year

Burning me alive life imitates art

There are flames on my arms tattooed right here

Bury me alive disappear underground

Where they found me before I ever had this career, hm

I seek you out, flay you alive

One more word and you won't survive

And I'm not scared of your stolen power

I see right through you any hour

I'm staring at a diamond knowing that they are forever

Even if my body isn't still around to wear 'em

Seats are only full at funerals and not the weddings

Only vows I made the other person couldn't share 'em

Know that I'm a monster like the one under the bedding

Afraid of having kids, I'm scared I'll be just like my parents

These were my decisions now this cross I gotta wear it

Self-inflicting these incisions, here I can no longer bear it, uh

I won't soothe your pain

I won't ease your strain

Look, I'm sick of sitting inside of this room

'Cause every thought I got's negative

I'm sick of not being able to sleep and relying only on a sedative

I'm sick of hearing another voice telling me what to do in my head again

Psychiatrist said he's imaginary but I know he's real if I said he is

Fighting with myself so I can't help that I'm competitive (Yeah)

This movie is my life but I still remain uncredited (Uh)

I don't care how big I get, I still remain unedited

I built this from the ground up, y'all just living it

Long hair, don't care, I'm not trimming it (Ayy)

Fuck vanity, caught up in an image made by the internet

My insanity's imminent (Uh)

All sharks I'm swimming with (Uh)

What's hell, I've been in it

My happiness is bankrupt but my credit card's unlimited (Uh)

I seek (Fuck) you (Yeah) out

Find you just to remind you, that when you're born an anomaly

Nowadays it's probably gonna be harder to find you

Don't leave the past behind you

Don't forget all of the fans who ride

Go back and open up the catalog to my first songs that rewind you

(Uh) Remember the things that drive you (Yeah)

Remember the feeling of being alone in a home as a kid

Every night with this trauma but having nobody to cry to

Growing up and having trust issues

Now to everyone I say bye to

Looking up at the sky I found a destination to fly to



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Taurus lyrics


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