Perfect - Ali Gatie


"Perfect" es una canción interpretada por Ali Gatie, publicada en el álbum WHO HURT YOU?

Fecha de lanzamiento: 03 de Febrero del año 2022. 

Lyrics Perfect - Ali Gatie

I'm building up the strength

But lately, I been weak as ever

It's scary to admit

That this could be the end for forever

I'm losin' all my hope

It's harder when the end gets closer

I'm scared of letting go

I'm scared of movin' on, gettin' older


I know we're not perfect

It don't mean it's not worth it

Don't give up on us

And maybe

We're not meant to be, but

How we supposed to know if

If we give up on love?

'Cause heartbreak never leaves

It lingers in your mind, in your thoughts at night

And every time you're sleepin'

It haunts you in your dreams 'til the mornin' light

And heartbreak isn't easy

Maybe it's the hardest thing I've done

'Cause heartbreak never leaves

Said, heartbreak never leaves

And, baby

I know we're not perfect

It don't mean it's not worth it

Don't give up on us

And maybe

We're not meant to be, but

How we supposed to know if

If we give up on love?


Ente wardat snenee

Roohy w3omery w naseeby

Ente noor al koon


3omery wrohy fedaki

Ente hoby w hanany

Don't give up on us

Letra añadida por el usuario: Nilmey

Perfect lyrics


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