Money Spent - Koe Wetzel


"Money Spent" es una canción interpretada por Koe Wetzel, publicada en el álbum Hell Paso

Fecha de lanzamiento: 5 de Septiembre del año 2022. 

Lyrics Money Spent - Koe Wetzel

All the money spent on you

Can't take me there, way back where you left me

On and on my way to you

Just take me there, right there where you left me

I hate it hurts to think of you

Way back, way back when you loved me

Well, I got better things to do

Than backtrack way back when you loved me, uh

Ooh, ah-la-la

Ooh, ah-la-la

A bloody nose and I've got the shakes

I'd blame myself, but I'm too ashamed

It makes me think of all the good times

We'd drink and watch the sunrise

But the sun is gone and so are you, oh

Ooh, ah-la-la

Ooh, ah-la-la

Ooh, ah-la-la

Ooh, ah-la-la

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Money Spent lyrics


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