I LIKE - Tory Lanez


"I LIKE" es una canción interpretada por Tory Lanez. 

Fecha de lanzamiento: 2 de Abril del año 2022. 

Lyrics I LIKE - Tory Lanez

She likes the way I put it down

She likes the way I put it down

Yeah (She likes the way—)

Uh, tab for the bad lil' bitches in the city and it's all on me

Time, low time when the love so blind that you're all I can see

Know the night won't be the same if you don't leave with me

Ass up, head down, every time you dress down

Know I like

I like, I like, I like it

I like, I like, I like it

I like, I like, I like it

I like, I like, I like it (She likes the way—)

Good ass girl in the bad ass city

Got the itty bitty titty but the ass come with it

Got you hopin' that a flash come with it

Lookin' single in the club but you hopin' that a man don't get it

And she pullin' up, late night, no tees, play fight

Big jaw, grey white, fuck 'til the daylight

Put it to sleep 'cause I don't need no Xan'

And she fuckin' with me then she gon' need both hands, yeah

Big penthouse, spend another ten thou'

Nothin' get rent out, money get sent out

Good brain, good head, get the sense out

Then I make it rain in the bed, pullin' ten thou'

She likes the way I put shit down

And I likes the way, I ain't gotta call her whenever I'm in town

And she know when to pull up

Pull up on the block, throw the hood up

The block, ten boy, woodgrain with the foot up

Call me when you need somebody to work on that body the way that he should've, yeah

I pull up AM, scotch colored grey Benz, whole room darker than Ray-Bans

And I'm still on that ass like spray tan

I would get it poppin' with you or your eight friends but look

I like, I like, I like it

I like, I like, I like it

I like, I like, I like it

I like, I like, I like it

She likes the way I put it down

She likes the way I put it down

Yeah (She likes the way—)

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I LIKE lyrics


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