"FLY" es una canción interpretada por ​​​$NOT. 

Fecha de lanzamiento: 28 de octubre del año 2022. 

Lyrics FLY - $NOT

M-m-money productions (Money productions)

What we doin'?

Yeah (Got me different Rollies), yeah

Ayy, yeah (I got me different Rollies on some type shit), yeah

Let's go

I got me different Rollies and I still can't tell the time, bitch (Hold on)

Took my flow, give it back 'cause it's my shit

Put my hands on and I'll put it on a dyke bitch (Huh)

Put the gun down, hands up, come and fight, bitch (Haha)

Really wanna fuck, but I'm chillin' on some type shit (That's right)

I don't wanna hang, I gotta get it on some type shit (Wow)

ass, hatin' on some type shit

Walk around town chasin' clout on some snake shit

Walk around town talkin' down on some gay shit

Won't say it face to face shit, grown man shit (Huh)

I'm a dog, I'm a hound, I'ma get rich (Huh)

And I don't wanna talk unless a got a

My brody, I admit, pussy on the field (Pussy)

I'm tryna love a bitch, but I don't really feel (Pussy)

Them sign a deal for some chains and a mill (Haha)

Fuck a Hellcat, this a big body Benz' (Benz')

I'm shootin' out the trap in my big body Benz' (Benz')

I just wanna fuck, I dont wanna be your friend (No)

And I just wanna fuck, I don't care you got a man (No)

My and them jeans on the go

cover bad bitch, kick 'em out the door (Door)

These do the most, like some fuckin' hoes (Huh)

Creepy ass, on some Dwight Howard shit (Uggh)

I smoke the blunt, fill the room up like a mist (Ha)

I just want some head, pussy smell like a fish (Ha)

A thousand for the belt just to match the fuckin' fit (Ha)

I'm a fly ass, I don't care about a drip (No)

I'll show you how I get it, I don't care, I don't trip (Huh)

I'm four pockets full, bitch, I'm Lil Baby (Four pockets)

I got a hood bitch and she lil' crazy (Lil' crazy)

I'm a real, I don't know too many (Know too many)

My jeans from Japan, Issey Miyake (Miyake)

I'm hangin' off the Helly' with a lil' uzi (Huh, bitch)

I'm crashin' out the whip, call me James Bond (Crash)

She ridin' on my dick 'cause she love my songs

I'm a saucy ass, show 'em how to swindle (Swindle)

I'm a real ass boy, keep it real simple (Simple)

I pull up in a , fuck a rental whip (Huh)


I feel like Bruce Wayne, all black in this bitch (Bruce)

I feel like Bruce Wayne with a Batman whip (Brr)

I want a smart bitch, but it sound like a myth (Huh)

I'll beat a down with my own damn fists (Down)

I just want some head, I don't want to fuckin' kiss (No)

Haha, yeah

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FLY lyrics


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