Cloudy - 5 Seconds Of Summer


"Cloudy" es una canción interpretada por 5 Seconds of Summer. 

Lyrics Cloudy - 5 Seconds Of Summer

Six months, we've been out of high school

You're still acting like you're so cool

Prom Queen and no one even knows your name

(No one even knows your name) Yeah

Letra añadida por el usuario: Nilmey

Cloudy lyrics


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I guess, I guess I got what I wanted I never knew what I needed, leave it Up to me to fuck it up without a good reason I know, I know that it was my own fault I never picked up that phone call, oh, Lord All these broke hearts, but mine's the one bleeding <...

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I miss the days when we were young and not too wise Only doin' what felt right With open hearts and open eyes I miss the days before I second guessed my life Wasn't always asking why I remember what it's like Maybe it's just too late for the old me <...

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I built it from the ground up just to watch me burn it down I gotta keep the party goin', ain't no fadin' out My life's just a carousel spinnin' around I'd pay again just to keep from stoppin' it now I tried to keep my head above the ocean of my doubt I'm feeling...

I wanna occupy your brain Be the only living space in your head And when you're fillin' up your lungs Mine's the only name that's under your breath Brought a knife to a gun fight But the hurtin' is all mine When the feeling is airtight Know it tak...

A painted heart on a sidewalk A bleeding sun on a silver screen I feel my ego when I talk Lost myself in the in-between Lustful eyes filled with love now Sending in every cavalry A few more souls on the bus now Shut my eyes right at seventeen <...

Is it lonely where you are? All the way across the room With a knife inside your heart I feel it, too, mm Is it just the way we are? Always burnin' through the roof Oh, I guess only the stars would know the truth, mm I'd die for you, I'd die for y...

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