Your Needs, My Needs - Noah Kahan


"Your Needs, My Needs" es una canción interpretada por Noah Kahan, publicada en el álbum Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever)

Fecha de lanzamiento: 09 de junio del año 2023. 

Lyrics Your Needs, My Needs - Noah Kahan

Oh, well, who was I

Who was I to watch you wilt?

You ain't gotta tell me what it means

Trace the outlines of your dreams

You'll always be a flower on my skin

And the pain that I am in

Mm, it's all the same

The losing touch, the waiting game

Cross that county line

I promise to be there this time


You were a work of art

That's the hardest part

Howlin' like dogs in the light of the moon

Holdin' our breath after 132

You asked me why I wasn't sayin' a word

I'm naming the stars in the sky after you

It was a work of art

That's the hardest part

To spiral out, to try and float

To see a friend, to see a ghost

Bitter-brained, always drunk

Rail-thin, Zoloft

Subtle change, shorter days

Dead-eyed, dead weight

Your life, your dreams

Your mind, your needs

My needs

Your needs, my needs

Spiral out, try and float

See a friend, see a ghost

To see a ghost, see a ghost

See a ghost

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Your Needs, My Needs lyrics


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