Where Am I? - Natalie Jane


"Where Am I?" es una canción interpretada por Natalie Jane, publicada en el álbum Where Am I?

Fecha de lanzamiento: 16 de noviembre del año 2023. 

Lyrics Where Am I? - Natalie Jane

Ooh, ooh

Ooh, ooh

Basically, it’s gonna be me, explaining to you what this EP is about

Ooh, ooh

I’m calling it “Where Am I?” because I don’t really know where I am in my life, where I am in my relationships (Ooh ooh)

Where am I in my career (Ooh ooh uh ooh)

(Ooh ooh)

I don’t know if I am at my peak or I’m at my valley

(Ooh ooh)

(I love me)

I don’t know where I am gonna go from here (I love me, ooh ooh)

I mean, I guess no one really knows but it’s kinda cool because I can still do what I love (Ooh ooh)

That’s the beauty in it

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Where Am I? lyrics


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