Salvation Mountain - Lauren Daigle


"Salvation Mountain" es una canción interpretada por Lauren Daigle y Gary Clark Jr., publicada en el álbum Lauren Daigle

Fecha de lanzamiento: 08 de septiembre del año 2023. 

Lyrics Salvation Mountain - Lauren Daigle ft. Gary Clark Jr.

Turn my rags into riches

My mess into marvelous

My broken into beautiful

Like only You can

Take my fear into faith

My hopelessness to happiness

My loneliness into living

It's where You're takin' me

I'm on my way to Salvation Mountain, oh yeah

I'm here to be changed, I'm here to be free

I'm on my way to Salvation Mountain

Won't You come and meet me there once again?

Now, my tears are a testimony

My sadness is a song of joy

My struggle turns to victory

It's Your faithfulness to me

I'm on my way, mm yeah, to Salvation Mountain

I'm here to be changed; I'm here to be free

I'm on my way—yes, I am—to Salvation Mountain

Won't You come and meet me there once again?

The past is behind me

The future is in front of me

I throw my worries away

'Cause I know You're still writin' my story

(No matter how far) No matter the distance

(Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh) I know You will go before me (Before me)

You take me by the hand (Take me by the hand), remind me who I am (Remind me who I am)

(Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh) You're here to show me the way

I'm on my way—oh, Lord—to Salvation Mountain

I'm here to be changed; I'm here to be free (Here to be free)

I'm on my way, oh, yeah, to Salvation Mountain

Won't You come and meet me there?

Won't You come and meet me there?

Won't You come and meet me there once again?

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Salvation Mountain lyrics


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