Loser, Baby - Andrew Underberg


"Loser, Baby" es una canción interpretada por Andrew Underberg, Sam Haft, Keith David y Blake Roman, publicada en el álbum Hazbin Hotel (Original Soundtrack)

Fecha de lanzamiento: 19 de enero del año 2024. 

Lyrics Loser, Baby - Andrew Underberg ft. Sam Haft, Keith David, Blake Roman

So things look bad, and your back's against the wall

Your whole existence seems fuckin' hopeless

You're feelin' filthy as a dive bar bathroom stall

Can't face the world sober and dopeless

You've lost your way, you think your life is wrecked

Well, let me just say you're correct

Wait, what?

You're a loser, baby

A loser, goddamn baby

You're a fucked-up little whiny bitch


You're a loser, just like me

Thanks, asshole

You're a screws-loose boozer

An only one-star reviews-er

You're a power-bottom at rock bottom

But you got company

This supposed to make me feel better?

There was a time I thought that no one could relate

To the gruesome ways in which I'm damaged

But lettin' walls down, it can sometimes set you straight!

We're all livin' in the same shit sandwich

I sold my soul to a psychopathic freak

Haha! And you think that makes you unique?

Get outta here, man!

We're both losers, baby

We're losers, it's okay to be a

Coked-up, dick-suckin' ho?

Baby, that's fine by me

I'm a loser, honey

A schmoozer and a dummy

But at least I know I'm not alone

You're a loser

Just like me

I got an appetite for gamblin'

I got an appetite for samplin'

Every drug and sex toy I can find!

Go ahead baby, sing that song, come on!

I got no holes left to deflower

I sold my soul to save my power

Now I'm on that demon's leash

I'm trapped and it gets worse with every hour

You're a loser, baby

A loser, but just maybe if we

Eat shit together, things will end up differently

It's time to lose your self-loathin'

Excuse yourself, let hope in, baby

Play your card, be who you are

A loser, just like me

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Loser, Baby lyrics


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