Do You Know?* - Johnny Orlando


"Do You Know?*" es una canción interpretada por Johnny Orlando, publicada en el álbum The Ride

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Lyrics Do You Know?* - Johnny Orlando

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Do You Know?* lyrics


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You wear your heart upon your sleeve For everyone to see And the hardest part when you're torn apart Is fixing the seams Been hurt too many times Heard one too many lies He'd disappear for hours No, he never bought you flowers If he want...

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Clothes painted on the driveway Glass sparkling on the lawn My whole world tilted sideways To the sound of car alarms I'm standing in the doorway Watching it all unfold You're dancing in the streets Screaming at me And all my friends told me...

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I will leave the light on I will leave the light on You made a friend, somebody said They saw you leave with him tonight I'd hate to think you'd bite his lip The way you did when you were mine Oh, maybe I've had one too many now But it's getti...

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Ooh Ooh, girl Slept in, a little late Got a hundred missed calls Guess that you want to talk Shit, called back and you were mad Told me things that you heard Screaming, "who is this girl?" Look, I swear I'm innocent And that I neve...

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Oh Oh Do you remember me? I'm the one you made believe We were gon' get married (We were, we were) But, baby, you're a pro At changing faces on the go I was just part of your show, of your show You must think I'm stupid Didn't know...

​everything i hate about you
I'm sorry but I have to hate you It hurts me but you know it's just The only way 'Cause I'm worried if I let you in Then the scars will open up like the skies Before the rain Yeah, I'm sorry that it has to be like this I don't like the me who...

In a blur In a, in a, in a blur In a, in a, in a blur In a, in a, in a blur I usually lay low 'cause I'm kinda anxious Whenever I go out I just regret it It's easy to stay home, been here for a month and Shit, I just regret it I put on some...

​fun out of it ft. BENEE
We can keep this up, just stay quiet Been sneaking around, no one's found out Seeing so much more of you now I guess that we've lasted 'cause no one's been let in 'Cause people talk And rumors walk Let's keep it between us So please, don't ...

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Ooh-ooh-oh Ooh-ooh-ah The greatest romance, lightning strike to my heart We would slow dance, in my headlights, in the parking lot There was no chance of ever falling apart But you've noticed that I'm here but I'm so far 'Cause I've been running fro...

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Walking 'round in a modern tragedy All the zombies swaying casually We could try, we could try, we could try to leave But we built up a life in a fever dream Playing people, plotting strategies Bunch of angels lacking empathy If a bridge isn't worth it you...

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Do You Know?*

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