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"Delivering the Goods" es una canción interpretada por Megadeth. 

Lyrics Delivering the Goods - Megadeth

Feeling like we're ready to kick tonight

No hesitating, my body's aching

Looking for some action, satisfaction all right

Charging, vein faced

As active as one-hundred solid proof

Megaton, Leviathan, we're ready to hit the roof

You better watch out and hold on tight

We're heading your way like dynamite

Ooh, delivering the goods

Whoa, delivering the goods

Shake down, rock 'em boys

Crack that whip strap mean

Pulse rate, air waves, battle lies in every place we've been

Stealing your hearts all across the land

Hot blood doing good

We're going to load you with our brand

You better watch out and hold on tight

We're heading your way like dynamite

Ooh, delivering the goods

Whoa, delivering the goods

Have it your way

Stealing your hearts, oh

Well, we don't pull no punches

We aim where the crunch is

Bound to do most damage to your brain

If you're looking for it mellow

You're nothing more than yellow

Going to do it again and again

We'll beat you to submission

So you might as well surrender

You got to learn your lesson

Because there ain't nobody here to defend your heart

Faster, higher, until it seems that we're going to break

Oh, shooting further

Giving more than you're ever going to take

Leaving your heads, crushed out on the floor

Begging for mercy

Be careful or we'll do it some more

You better watch out and hold on tight

We're heading your way like dynamite

Ooh, delivering the goods

Whoa, delivering the goods

Yeah, delivering the goods

Whoa, delivering the goods

Letra añadida por el usuario: Son Goku

Delivering the Goods lyrics


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