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"Care For" es una canción interpretada por Blossoms. 

Fecha de lanzamiento: 17 de Agosto del año 2021. 

Letra Care For - Blossoms

I was a jealous man

I'm my old self again

I've got to learn something

From my mistakes, and now

She only gets better

She is beyond measure

She is my dead centre

Said enough

It's all that you care for

I'm here and this is

Love's true devotion

I rise, then I fall

Won't you please piece my heart back together again?

She is so self-assured

As she walks out the door

She's quite the optimist

Who never likes to call it quits

And when the day is over

She pulls me in closer

She stops me in motion

Oceans calm

It's all that you care for

I'm here and this is

Love's true devotion

I rise, then I fall

Won't you please piece my heart back together again?





It's all that you care for

I'm here and this is

Love's true devotion

I rise, then I fall

Won't you please piece my heart back together again?

Letra añadida por el usuario: Nilson Sales

Care For lyrics


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